Telling a story that connects

Ready to share your story on social media? Together, we’ll craft a story that resonates and connects with more followers. 

Let’s get started:

Build a strong base of social media content with basics you already have. Basics are the foundation of your storytelling and can include:

> Your mission statement

> Your vision as a nonprofit

> The history of your nonprofit

Share the mission by focusing on how you’re helping others. Here are some ways to do that:

> Answering FAQs

> Regular updates to talk about any changes

> Sharing stories of those served by sharing blog posts

> Recognize volunteers with posts or video interviews

> Announce special events coming up

Add some inspiration and you’ll reach new followers and rack up extra shares. Some of our favorite ways to keep followers inspired are: 

> Videos interviews with those served

> Behind-the-scenes videos

> Posts with compelling pictures of those served

> Quotes & interviews that show the impact

> Social media interaction & feedback with followers

Looking to tell meaningful stories that captivate your audience? Reach out today to learn how our experienced team can take your marketing to the next level: