Checklist: Three ideas for your nonprofit this summer

Depending on what your nonprofit does, summer might be a chill time or it might be crunch time. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there are three things you can do to bring a little interest, and fun, to your organization this summer.

1. Compile a list of the year’s best accomplishments

Who says impact numbers have to wait until year-end? There’s great value in sharing what you’ve done together, even if there’s still a ways to go. 

Whether you send it in a print piece, share it on social media or blast it through email, you can show that your fans and supporters have already changed lives at just the halfway point through year! And make sure that it’s all in the context of a great story, one that shows the lives you’re touching.

2. Host a volunteers-only/donors-only party

Without them, you’d be hard-pressed to get the help you need without making at least several new hires. That’s why we’ll never stop talking about how important it is to recognize your volunteers! The same can be said for donors, and chances are, a lot of your volunteers are also donors.

Volunteer/donor appreciation events don’t have to be expensive or elaborate – they just need to show that you care. Some food, time to mingle and a word of appreciation from your org’s leadership is really all it takes to help them feel seen. But a little gift never hurts! 

Maybe you design a t-shirt specifically for volunteers or give donors a license plate frame that says something like: “I love [your organization’s name]”. Just make sure the event’s focus is on personal interactions and thank yous and you’re golden!

3. Cast a vision and goal for the second half of the year (and let people know how they can help)

There’s a time and place for everything, and while you might not think of summer as the time for a fundraising appeal, it can be the time to look a little ways down the road. The best way to do this? You guessed it: As personally as possible. 

If you’re a nonprofit leader, you might be getting sick of making videos, but people aren’t tired of watching them yet. Hop on camera, and share your goals/plans for the rest of the year. (Don’t worry: It doesn’t have to be super polished, and it’s great to show personality.) 

Let your supporters know that even during the lull of summer and the subsequent busyness of the fall and holiday season, their support is vital to your mission. Then just send them an email or put it on your social media page to ensure they know you’re focused on and excited about what Q3 and Q4 hold. And make sure you actually ask for their help: whether through volunteering, donating or simply spreading the word.