WEBINAR | Storytelling for Impact: Building Meaningful Connections with Donors

Want to take your donor efforts to the next level? Check out this webinar to learn how to use storytelling to connect with donors and how to effectively plan your donor outreach.

Last month, our Founder and Chief Storyteller Heather led a webinar with the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia sharing –

  • tips for crafting emails, letters and social media asks that are donor-focused and effective;
  • tools you can use in fundraising; and
  • why it’s important to use words such as “impact” and “donor-focused language” to get your message across.

– all in the name of high-quality and well-planned donor outreach. Get ready to connect with your donors better in 2023!

Click here to watch the webinar recording (passcode: yFu5$HA?) or click here to view the presentation slides.