Storytelling in 2022: Your most valuable real estate

As 2022 is just beginning, there’s a lot of room for good – and bad – storytelling. We’re here to make sure yours is only the former. But where do you even start? Read on for our recommendations to make sure your website stands out in the right way.

Your homepage as the “doorway”

We like to refer to your website, and specifically the homepage, as the doorway into what your nonprofit does. And today’s audience is quicker than ever in deciding whether or not they want to enter through that door: it takes users a mere 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) to form an opinion.

While doors were meant to be walked through, not every door conveys the same message to everyone. While one person may be intrigued by an old, weather-worn door and want to see what’s behind it, others may be turned off by the same door – and they will make that judgement in seconds. This is part of why understanding your target audience is absolutely vital to accomplishing your overall mission. 

Inviting your audience in

While you might think that cause-minded people will all respond to basically the same message, that isn’t necessarily the case. What the supporter of an animal rescue organization finds touching or inspiring will likely be different than the supporter of a nonprofit providing clean water in third world countries. Basically, if you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, you won’t know how to effectively reach them – you won’t know what kind of door is inviting to them.

Want to get rid of snap judgments that reflect negatively on your organization?

Want to stand out as THE place where volunteers should choose to spend their time?

Want donors to be impressed and desire to get behind your mission?

The way to accomplish all of this and more is by improving your story.

So what does improving your story, through your website, look like? 

It means having a website that gives people that good first impression: telling a story that’s high-quality and on-brand in both its messaging and visuals. 

Not sure where to start? The home page is the one thing basically every visitor will read, even if they don’t go anywhere else on your site. So make your messaging speak to them, and create a door they want to open. 

The bottom line: your home page is VALUABLE real estate, so don’t squander it. 


  • Be clear and concise. 
  • Convey your nonprofit’s personality.
  • Be on brand. 


  • Be vague or confusing.
  • Try to copy what the nonprofit down the street is doing.
  • Let them leave without opening the door!

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