“Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.” — Harrison Monarth, executive coach

Stories are powerful

At Magnolia Media Group, we believe stories are powerful. Well told, they can help build businesses.

Do you remember the last time someone told you about using XYZ company and how they solved their problem? That’s a story. A story that sticks. A story that will probably make you turn to that business when you have the same problem.

We are here to tell your story and help you grow. Whether you need complete marketing services or a la carte options – a newsletter, blog posts, social media management and more – we can help.

We provide storytelling through:

Social media (strategy and monthly management)
Marketing, including:
Web site copy
Blog posts
Press releases
Brochures, ads, etc.

Our Clients Include