Nonprofit social media checklist

Want to know the details you need to do social media well? We’re all about practical resources, so here’s a social media checklist, based on our experience over the years. 

General social media rules/guidelines:

  • Keep copy authentic. While there is something to be said for consistency, these days, people can smell fake attitudes and messages from a mile away. Don’t just post for the sake of posting.
  • Show off your volunteers, staff, etc. Allowing your followers and fans to see the real faces behind your organization helps to create trust and deeper connections. While a stock image doesn’t hurt every now and then, prioritize sharing as many photos and videos from your organization as possible.
  • Start simple. It’s easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of creating posts for every day of the week – or even just a few days a week. But to make each one worth the effort, all of your posts should have a particular purpose. Check your posts against the following list to ensure it’s creating value for your readers:
    • General updates – What’s currently happening at your nonprofit, newsworthy items, general information about your nonprofit (how it started, how many you serve, etc.).
    • Engagement – Thank-you’s, polls, contests.
    • Stories – Highlight volunteers/donors/board members/employees/beneficiaries.
    • Entertainment – JUST for fun! Share memes, stories, and fun photos related to your organization.
    • Ways to help – how to donate, join, volunteer, help, meet current needs.
  • Mix content up. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to social media content, but you should always be thinking about new ways to create value. For example, try adding one video each week, doing an Instagram or Facebook live a couple times a month, and staying active on your Instagram story, especially with interactive features like polls and question boxes. 


Specific questions to ask yourself before hitting “post”:

  • Is content customized for each platform? 
    • Do you have a version of your copy to fit on Twitter?
    • Are all photos/graphics sized appropriately for each platform?
    • Did you add the relevant link in your Instagram bio and refer to it in your caption (rather than listing the link within the caption)?
  • Did you add a location?
  • Did you utilize hashtags?
  • Did you tag the right account(s, if any)?
  • For posts with multiple photos, are they in the right order?
  • Did you double check all spelling, punctuation, and grammar?