4 Storytelling Mistakes Nonprofits Make

We’ve learned a thing or two here at Magnolia Media over the years. And, while every nonprofit is different in some way (just as every executive director has a different management style and personality), they tend to have some things in common. Here’s what we’ve seen when it comes to storytelling:

  • Not having a plan. Some might have a strategic plan but many don’t have a marketing/storytelling plan, even a simple one-page plan.
  • Not understanding the VIP role of storytelling. They may know that’s something they should focus on but it’s not woven into their culture so that everyone, volunteers and staff alike, are always listening for great stories that help show impact.
  • Not having story collecting built into their processes. It’s fairly simple to add several questions to intake forms, exit interviews, feedback forms and so on that allow you to easily capture enough info for some quotes or to know if you have a gem of a story that deserves a follow-up conversation.
  • Not taking photos. We don’t mean professional quality photos but simply high-resolution photos of faces, projects, groups, whatever visually tells your nonprofit’s stories. TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS (we’ll devote another post to tips for getting great candids).

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s four things that are fairly easy to correct. Need help with your storytelling? We’ve got you covered! Contact us today at stories@magnoliamedia.group.